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As you can imagine our live screening events came to a complete halt last year, and since then we’ve been missing bringing song and celebration into yoga studios and cinemas around the world.


But now we’ve found a way for people to continue to share MANTRA with their communities virtually!  If you’re a yoga school owner, a kirtan singer or simply a lover of chanting who would like to bring MANTRA to your community we’d love to hear from you. 


We’re now able to create live events in partnership with you! We can arrange virtual screenings at a specific time of day, or during a range of days. We can also add post screening Q&A’s and Kirtans in the same way we did in the cinemas, only now we will be gathering together from our homes! The director of MANTRA, Georgia Wyss, will also be happy to participate in Q&A sessions if time allows.


We will use a new virtual screenings events platform called Show&Tell, created by film makers for film makers. You can find out more about this platform here:


There are still so many people who would like to see MANTRA but have not had a chance yet. Language need not be a barrier as we have versions available for you with Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Russian, Chinese and Ukranian subtitles. 


So, if you’re interested in creating an event together with us, don’t delay. Contact us now @

World Theatrical Releases 2018 - Present

Thank you to everyone who supported our screenings with song and celebration. 

Bringing Mantra to your country

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We will continue reply to all your wonderful emails about availability in your countries - if you want to help the process, you can ask your local theaters to seek out the film in your country - the local distributors need to see that there is a demand for Mantra - Sounds into Silence.

Revisit this page soon or sign-up HERE to receive updates.

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