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Finally! The news we have all been waiting for: MANTRA – Sounds into Silence is being released, beginning in U.S. Cinemas in March - read on.

U.S. Theatrical Release

The film will premiere beginning March 16th at the Rubin in New York City. We hope some of you can join director Georgia Wyss there for what will be a memorable occasion. Following this opening week exclusive run, the film will play week-long engagements in selected cities across the country in the following weeks – dates and locations to follow soon, so stay tuned or check into our newly updated website! Following on from these initial engagements, Theatrical-On-Demand® screenings will begin and run through to the summer and beyond. The beauty of this way of showing the film is that ANYONE can request a screening in their local area by becoming a “Movie Captain”. Once you do that, all of us – you, the filmmakers, GATHR Films, the artists, and our entire social network - will promote your screenings together. We encourage those of you who want to make sure the film is shown at your local cinema to become a Movie Captain: it’s very easy. Visit the website to find out how – CAPTAIN SCREENINGS. For every confirmed screening, the Movie Captain will receive our unending gratitude and… two free tickets! These screenings begin April 24th but you can request a screening right now!

Germany and Austria: COMING SOON

We have also secured distribution for Germany and Austria and we will be ready to announce these release dates very soon – stay tuned.

The Rest of the World

We are busy securing distribution in other countries and will be sharing news as it comes in.

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